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N.b. filtering mask not for medical purpose, produced for the purposes referred to in article 16, paragraph 2, DL March 17th, 2020.

Delivery: 3 working days


  • Custom handmade mask

  • Washable protective mask (NON DISPOSABLE)

  • Outer fabric in 100% cotton (155 g/m2)

  • 100% honeycomb nonwoven internal fabric (80 g/m2)

  • Adjustable elastic strap

  • Ergonomic shape for a perfect fit

  • Washable at 90° with the possibility of sanitizing with alcohol and disinfectants

  • High resolution digital print: it does not deteriorate or discolour over time

  • Inks completely free of heavy metals, 100% biodegradable and non-toxic 100%

  • Entirely MADE IN ITALY


A properly fitting mask snugly covering the face helps creating a protective layer for us, taking on the function of an anti-dust and anti-smog shield, and protecting us. Besides being mandatory for many moments during our days, using one is a small yet effective way to show others that we care, not only about ourselves but also and most importantly, about them.

A sign of responsibility, even though with the downside of "stealing" a little bit of that expressiveness we were once so very used to. 2REC filter masks were born with the intention of making this protective device more beautiful, fun, pleasant, and likeable to wear.

Always remember to keep the right safety distance with other people, and reduce any contagion risks thanks to our face masks. Wash your hands with soap and water (or sanitizing gel) before touching the mask.

Size and fit

SIZE L: Man, nose-chin distance of approx. 11 cm

SIZE M: Woman, nose-chin distance of approx. 9.5 cm

SIZE S: Child, nose-chin distance about 8 cm